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 Denying Bjorn

 * * Note, This Is a previously published title that has been expanded from 20K to 38,366. Publisher and plot has changed and there are new characters added. ***

Lydia and Bjorn have a long story that will be told in later tales in this series. 

Lydia Riley has managed to sever ties with her old lover and relocate to Diamond City to start a new life. Months later strong feelings for her boss, Bjorn Jensen develop and they become close. However, she's not ready to trust him with her secret and continues to deny him the truth. Between past and current threats, she realizes the odds are stacking up against her and the skeletons in her closet could cost she and Bjorn the happiness they've been waiting all their lives for. 

Bjorn has fulfilled his destiny by over-seeing the wellbeing of his Dragon Lord. For centuries, he's led a lonely existence as a Protector, but now he's forced to take a long hard look at his life. The brown-eyed beauty from Moonbay City has captured his heart and soul, but there’s just a few things standing in their way of having a normal relationship. His immortality and a little curse from a shaman he encountered centuries ago. 

Eventually Bjorn discovers Lydia’s past and helps her overcome an old rival. During the process, he makes a major sacrifice that could condemn him to darkness beyond the Realm of Pyreer. 

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 Helena's Demon 

Helena never considered the consequences of striking a bargain with her personal demon, Cyn. The entire Pearsall line was cursed, so what did she have to lose? She would have done damn near anything to stave off bill collectors and ensure her aunt received the best medical treatment possible. When her luck turned around and it was time to make good on that bargain, Helena discovers she's giving up more than her soul. Is it possible to fall in love with a demon? 

After sealing the deal with Helena's blood, Cyn is determined to keep the mocha-skinned beauty by his side. The curse had claimed the majority of her family and now he must work extra hard to ensure her safety. However, there's more to Helena than meets the eye. He soon discovers she is the key to ending the Pearsall curse and an instrument for unleashing Hell on earth.

Explicit Excerpt:

After carefully constructing the circle, Helena had cut the palm of her hand, allowing the blood to drip into the chalice. Quickly she added a few roots and herbs.

Picking up the tome, she recited her demon’s name. Cynarius, Cynarius, Cynarius. That was all that was needed. She closed the tome and set it down beside her, contemplating her demon’s arrival.

The skin on the back of her neck tightened and prickled. Soon after, ice-cold fingers crept up her spine. Helena winced and closed her eyes. Her demon was toying with her, she could tell.

The cold fingers pinched her already hardened nipples, and she sucked in a breath. A strong presence enveloped her as an eerie growl made her heart race in fear. Its breath was hot on her skin, and she yelped when he gripped the delicate flesh between razor sharp teeth.

“Why have you summoned me?”

A wicked baritone sounded to the right of her, making her shiver. This was definitely a bad idea! The demon was supposed to be on the outside of the circle, yet he sat right next to her. Damned Pearsall family magic!

“You know why?” She shivered again when she felt a clawed hand grip her curly tresses. The demon jerked her head back so that she was staring into its gold eyes. It was in true demonic form, yet, she was still attracted to it.

“Don’t play games with me!” the beast grated out. “What do you desire?” A sly grin forged itself on its porcelain features. His face was adorned with intricate tribal markings that seemed to glow in her presence. The fiery pattern wove itself down his neck and covered half his chest, eventually spiraling down his arm. Black hair dusted across his wickedly good-looking features, falling well past his collarbone.

“I need help with the bills. I’ve been working my fingers to the bones, and I always come out on the bottom.”

The demon laughed. “Hmm. You’ll come out on the bottom when you deal with me.” It laughed again and tweaked her nipple with a claw. “You’ll always be on the bottom when I’m having my way with your flesh.”

“I’ll do anything.” Helena wanted to believe those words. She concentrated on Aunt Mimi. It was the only way she could survive this. Out of nowhere, a scroll unfolded itself and fell to the floor in front of her. Beside it, an althame appeared.

“You will do any and everything I desire,” he murmured in her ear as he stripped her bare. “Here is our contract. Read it over, sign your name in blood.”


“What are you? Deaf?” The creature frowned, making himself appear more sinister. “Signing your name in blood allows me to give you all that you desire. Instantly. After a year, we will meet, and you must live with me, until the debt is paid in full.”

With shaky fingers, Helena picked the scroll up and read. It was almost difficult as the demon played with her body. His hot tongue teased the tender spot on her neck. House, car, and unlimited funds caught her attention. Right now, that was more than she had. The money would be more than enough to stave off the wolves at her front door. She mouthed through the part about living with Cyn. Hell, it was only until the debt was repaid. She could deal. She sucked in a sharp breath at the impending orgasm.

With a grunt, she picked up the althame and cut herself. A soft curse and a wince later, she signed her name with the tip of the althame.

“Good girl.” The demon grinned, bowed his head, licking her wound clean. “You belong to me now.”

Helena gasped. “Now?” The demon wanted to screw her right here and now in his true form? Her stomach twisted and her pussy clenched several times. To someone other than a Pearsall, this was totally taboo. Hell, it was bad enough she summoned him. Having sex with him would surely send her soul to hell in a handbasket.

“I just want…” he whispered seductively in her ear as his fingers slipped beneath her silken panties, “to taste your sweetness. I have what you call, an oral fixation. I love the taste of a woman when she’s wet and wanting. You’re all that and more, Helena.”

“Unh!” Helena gasped as the demon ripped her panties and toyed with her clit. The forbidden pleasure was so intense, she bit her own lip as she squirmed in pleasure at the demon’s touch.

She gushed as her demon touched the opening of her pussy, her body burning with hot promises of sinful delight throughout the night. She cried out when he gently entered a digit inside her, spreading her hot juices around her swollen clit.

The demon bit her neck, nibbling her heated flesh as Helena’s body rode the first few intense waves of her release.

“Oh, fuck!” She squealed in a high-pitched voice as the waves of pleasure encased her for what seemed like an eternity. She shuddered when the demon sucked on its digits. The deep, animalistic growl he created made her want to beg for more. “Please,” she gasped.

“Don’t,” he warned as he licked her cream off his fingers. “If I fuck you now, the deal is off and I’ll drag you to Hell with me.” He thrust his face close to hers. “Is that what you want?”

“No, no, no!” Helena panicked, and she thought of Aunt Mimi.

“Relax,” he said quickly. “We’ll have more than our share of time together a year from now. In my long existence, I’ve learned that patience is a virtue. Just don’t fuck me over, Helena. As your personal demon, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.”

With that he quickly disappeared, leaving Helena struggling for breath she was sure she wouldn’t achieve. Her chest heaved, and her body burned in the areas he’d touched. Unsure about standing, she remained in the circle almost an hour after the meeting with her demon.

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New Release, When Worlds Collide

Thrust into financial hardship years ago as a result of poor financial choices, married couple Annette and Anthony are forced to live with his mother, Miriam until they can make a way for themselves.

Fed up with Lady Barracuda’s nitpicking, Annette is finally triumphant in talking hubby into moving into Lassiter Towers. It's on the wrong side of the tracks and harbors deadly secrets.

After spending just a few nights in their home, Annette draws the attention of a ghost and she soon learns the mysterious secret that dwells within the hole in the wall down in the boiler room. 

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Claiming Julia

Dragon shifter, Angus McNamara craves Julia with everything he has and seeks to consume the ebony beauty in more ways than one. His biggest challenge is bringing her to terms with what she is while claiming her as his Fire Mate, the way a true Connricualen Dragon should. However, Julia Jones has other plans. Or so she thinks…Can they put their differences aside long enough to seize a chance at love, or will they forfeit their opportunity and continue their heated dance of dominance? 

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 Demon of Lust 


Pompeii, 79 AD

Flora and Stephanus are star-crossed lovers, forbidden to carry on their relationship due to Stephanus's jealous sisters who are also witches. A pact is made between Flora's father and the three sisters to keep the couple apart. If the wizard suspects Flora's defiance, he’ll carry out his threat of placing a spell on Flora and making her forget her lover ever existed. However, Stephanus and Flora's betrayal are unfortunately discovered by the three witches, and in a jealous fit, they curse Flora, turning her into a succubus. 

"Forever shedding your human skin, always leading a life of sin, forever a succubus, sating men's carnal desires." 

Olkus discovers the sisters' treachery and in turn, steals their beauty from them by transforming them into hideous, twisted crones. Knowing how vain the sisters are, this leaves the wizard an opening to hopefully one day restore his daughter's humanity....

Present Day, MD

Jake Matthews has given up on love. The only moments of true happiness occur when his dream lover visits him during the night. Happiness and fulfillment is his, until the next day when she disappears. Glimpses of the past, from another time and place haunt his dreams....

Sabrina answered Jake's lonely calls in the night. When strong emotions for the mortal develop, she discovers she must follow her instincts and pursue the man. After being cursed in her human life, she's existed centuries as a demon and now feels the strong pull of love. Invoking the power of her father, a wizard she becomes mortal. Now she must persuade Jake to confess his love for her in four short days. If she succeeds, she'll be reunited with her soul mate, if not she'll return to her demonic state forever. 

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Witch and The Vampire: Book 3 Raven's Falls Series

No matter how hard she tries, Dehlia Lee McQueen can’t seem to overcome her feelings for her boss, the vampire; Niall Cowan. The steamy encounter they shared in his office haunts her days later after the breakup and she tries to find a way to get him off her mind.

The little Friday night visit to Club Ravenous is just what two neophyte witches need to take their mind off McQueen duties and let their hair down for an evening—but there is no rest for the wicked. A demon appears to them at the club and they discover a new threat looming in Raven’s Falls.

Even though she was the one to break it off with him, Niall knows he can never let Dehlia go. Silently he stalks her in the night and follows her to Club Ravenous and decides to make his move on her. He wants to pick up where they left off, but he shelters a dark secret from the past—one that Dehlia may have a hard time forgiving.

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Dragon's Curse: Book 2 Dragon Series

Angela Covington embraces her inner dragon and realizes there’s more to her sister than she knew. A new foe is revealed, and she discovers that in order to survive, she must make a permanent decision. But, she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder and considers joining forces with her sister to fight the threat that’s been plaguing their family for years. But can Melissa be trusted? 

Naeghyir acknowledges his fate and will do whatever it takes to protect Angela from the dragon hunter, but first he must protect her from her own flesh and blood. His confinement in the human realm has changed him, bringing about a thirst for violence and revenge. Survival is key, and in their endeavors they soon realize they must play the sick and twisted game of Angela's sister if they want to escape the hellish facilities. 

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Blind Passion, Intimate Encounters, Volume I

Diane Belamont is unaware she's the object of Ethan Caine's desire. After just one week of living next door to the eligible bachelor, she's attracted to him, but only admires him in passing.  

Blind since birth, Ethan is unable to seize the opportunity of confronting the mysterious beauty next door out of fear of rejection. As the anticipation of getting to know her consumes him, he finally approaches her in a little coffee shop across the street. Is it possible to turn a chance encounter into a blossoming relationship? 

After overcoming their fears, Ethan and Diane discover there is much more than the physical attraction they share with one another. They realize the mental bond forming between them is something they'd been searching for half their lives, but will they overcome their wounds and ghosts from the past? 

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Book Four Raven's Falls Series, Veruca is Coming in February

Katrina is available now

Lucinda is unaware her sultry dreams are about to become a reality. Night after orgasmic night, she succumbs to the wildest dreams she's ever had at the hands of the mysterious yet familiar vampire, Katrina. Unfortunately, Marissa, Lucinda's girlfriend thinks she's cheating on her. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. When Marissa leaves for a business trip, Lucinda discovers a memory long forgotten in the sands of time. When her girlfriend returns, Lucinda also discovers there is more to Marissa than meets the eye.

Be Warned: f/f sex


It had only been a few hours since Marissa left for the train station. Lucinda volunteered to drive, but Marissa had refused, out of hurt no doubt. Lucinda lay on the blood-red sofa, staring up at the ceiling when she heard the familiar voice.


Quickly she rose from the sofa, looking around the living room while her heart pounded relentlessly against her chest. “Who’s there?” 

“Invite me in.” 


Something inside her twisted, bringing her to her knees. Her legs felt like lead, her head reeled, and her lungs burned. Images of the blonde woman flitted through her mind so fast, she thought she’d go cross-eyed.

“Who the hell are you?” Lucinda gasped painfully. “Please stop this! Why are you doing this to me?”

“You seem to have no problems when I’m making love to you in the night. Marissa’s gone and you now belong to me. Let me in, Lucinda.”

“Marissa will be back!”

“By then you might be dead, unless…”

An invisible icy hand crept up her leg, toward her sex, while another tightened around her throat. Startled, Lucinda tried screaming, but she couldn’t. With each gasp, the grip tightened.  


“Shhh,” Katrina whispered. “No need to scream, my love. Now calm yourself, be a nice pet, and let me in. Please don’t make me hurt you.”

“Come in.” Lucinda’s voice cracked at the realization that her dreams were now a nightmare. A fine mist seeped in through the crack of the living-room door, and she began to struggle from the invisible hand around her neck. 

“This isn’t happening to me.” 

“Oh, but it is.” Katrina’s form solidified into what looked like a human being, save for the glowing red eyes. Long blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders, resting on full, creamy breasts. The sheer white dress with the neckline plunging down to her belly button clung to the she-devil’s voluptuous figure.

The five foot six inch beauty seemed delicate enough, at least that’s what Lucinda told herself. At first glance, without the fangs and glowing red eyes, Katrina looked like an innocent, delicate flower. 

“I’ve waited so long for you.” Katrina glided over to Lucinda and stood over her. “Rise.”

Unable to deny the command, Lucinda did as she was told. The pull toward this beautiful creature was more than she could handle. She focused on the cold, emotionless, dark depths of the she-beast from hell. Pure evil emanated from her innocent facade, but Lucinda was helpless to fight.

“Stay away from me.” 

Katrina snorted. “I made you come as you never have before, just like old times,” she boasted. I am your soul mate. You’ve been lost to me for centuries, and now that I’ve found you I’ll never let you go.” 

“Why are you screwing up my life? I’m not in love with you. Marissa is my true love.”

“I want…need what we shared centuries ago.” Katrina reached out to tweak Lucinda’s hair before leaning in to steal a kiss. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Lucinda snapped, trying to remove the foggy mist settling in her brain. 

“You know full well what I speak of and if you cannot remember, I shall share a glimpse of your past life, when you were my maid, dear sweet Lucinda. Or shall I call you Lucy?”

Before she could react, Katrina gripped her tight, sinking her fangs deep into her neck. As the creature fed, she fondled and caressed Lucinda’s breasts. The euphoric feeling swept through her mind and body, claiming her once more. The dreams were nothing compared to what she experienced now. 

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Death Angel is a part of When The Night Comes ~ Paranormal Anthology

IT ISN’T ALWAYS BAD WHEN THINGS GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT!!! Enjoy this anthology of seven, hot, exciting stories by many of the same authors who brought you STRANDED WITH A BILLIONAIRE, AND HOT SOLDIER!

Cursed as a teenager, Eden has lived her life in pain and fear, a target for all paranormal creatures, including Smith, a vampire with a bad attitude. But Smith doesn’t want to cause her pain, he just wants her. Even though she’s everything he is supposed to despise, he craves her body even more than he craves her blood. Forced to work together to break Eden’s curse and defeat one of Smith’s oldest enemies, they might just fall in love, if they don’t kill each other first! HOT, DAMNED AND CURSEDby Seraphina Donavan.

Ettie Stewart is such a nice, good girl, that she doesn’t even balk when her parents ship her off to a fat camp. But what if being everyone’s good little girl can have unexpected benefits in the form of the fat camp’s hot chef, Henry? Find out in CLEVER GIRL by Kate Baum. 

Isolatedher whole life, talking only to the animals only she can communicate, Melanie’s life changes dramatically when she meets Tim. Little does she know that Tim has secrets of his own. He understands her pain, because as a Reaper, he often delivers pain to others. But Melanie is different, and she makes him long for things that a Reaper shouldn’t… like love. REAP WHAT YOU SOW by AR Von. 

Secret desires haunt Death Angel, Bane. Obsessed with Willa Mae, the Angel of Willpower for a millennia, she’s his perfect counterpart. Willa harbors her own secret desires for Bane, but while he sees balance in their differences, she sees only despair and rejects him, damaging his ego and the fragile bond between them. But what will happen when an old foe reveals Willa’s secret? DEATH ANGEL by Charisma Knight. 

To save the life of an enslaved demon a druid will do anything to free him. A deadly rite will throw them together, but it’s their love they must rely on in the hunt for a future together.  THE HUNTED byShannan Albright. 

From two different worlds Eloise Cummings and Baron MacArthur couldn’t be more different. She’s a druid and he’s a very ordinary, if successful, businessman. Still he’s drawn to her, after a chance encounter a year earlier and when fortune throws them together again, he feels compelled to pursue her. But Eloise can’t help but wonder what will happen when Baron learns the truth? Can this very ordinary man handle her very extraordinary nature, or will he walk away from her forever? HIS DRUID LOVER by Trish F. Leger 

Three supernaturals /b> walk into a bar, and no, it’s not a joke. They’re on the hunt for a killer, one who’s targeting their kind. They’ve come to find Hennessee, a known hunter, and in the process they meet his student, the sweet and lovely Susie. All of them are charmed by her, but one of them has fallen hard for her. Love is always dangerous, but even more so when you’re hunting a vicious succubus.  
TAKEN by Leanore Elliott

Seven sexy stories to set your little gothic heart aflutter! 

Available only at Amazon

We all have fantasies, some a little more than others. But what happens when fantasy and reality clash? Bittersweet Fantasies is a compilation of seven short erotica tales written to wet your sexual appetite. These stories range from contemporary to paranormal and will leave you panting for more. 

NOTE: This is a previously published work. Some titles and publisher has changed. 

*Warning, some titles are purely erotica consisting of a ménage, infidelity, bondage 
with a dragon and a demonic werewolf. If you are easily offended, Dark Lord and 
Master and The Carpenter are not for you to read. *

Available at Amazon Barnes & Noble and All Romance eBooks

Eight months ago Caroline Taylor broke it off with her boss, Demetri Stavalos and she still has trouble convincing herself she made the right decision, especially since he’s turned cold towards her. Despite how she feels, Caroline continues hiding her emotions from him.

Demetri has had enough of Caroline keeping him at arm’s length. After enduring months of her giving him the cold shoulder, he comes to the conclusion that she needs a little nudge in the right direction. He should have never let her go in the first place and now he’s determined more than ever to reclaim what is rightfully his. 

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Rose McQueen struggles to find answers to solve the rash of home invasions in the town of Raven's Falls. In doing so, she must invoke the help of a vampire to discover the identity behind the recent events while finding a way to strengthen her waning powers. As heart of the family, a McQueen witch must endure great trials and tribulations, but can there be a balance between witch and the woman? 

Raven shifter Storm Raventhorn doubts his duty as protector and guide to the McQueen family as he tries to assist Rose in making Raven's Falls a safe place for everyone. When darkness strikes at McQueen Manor he makes a sacrifice to protect his loved ones and is forced to take a long hard look at his purpose in life. When he is stripped of his powers, he must find a way to return to the woman he loves to aid her in battle. If he's successful his powers will be returned. If he fails, he'll remain in the Netherworld for the rest of eternity. 

Available at Amazon Barnes & Noble All Romance eBooks

After being laid off for over a month, Angela Covington is unable to give up her lavish lifestyle. When her sister gives her a generous offer she simply cannot refuse at a research facility, Angela takes her up on it. Captured and stripped of his ability to shift, dragon shifter Naeghyir immediately knows the first time he lays eyes on Angela that she’s his fated mate. But is she genuine? At first he doesn’t trust her and deems her to be just a carbon copy of her dark-hearted sister. Later he realizes nothing could be further than the truth. After a near fatal experience on the facility grounds, Angela and Naeghyir become increasingly close. She also discovers there’s a darker side to her family history and a horrible mistake she made against her sister several years ago could cost her more than her life. 

Available at All Romance eBooks  Coming soon to Barnes & Noble and Amazon

Divorcee Pearl Gordon’s worse nightmares manifest into reality one night when an intruder breaks into her home. The next day, she calls upon the services of a man she shied away from and eventually discovers comfort in his arms. When the intruder returns, she’s forced to deal with the results of a hasty decision she made months ago. 
Wolf shifter Nicholas Wolford realizes he’s been given a second chance to be with the woman he let slip through his fingers many years ago. When he comes face to face with Pearl, there’s no denying they’re fated soul mates. 
The overwhelming urge to protect her from the beast prowling her property is undeniable. When it’s all said and done, Pearl called on Nicholas to repair the damages to her home, but can he help heal the damage made to her mind and spirit? 

Available at All Romance ebooks  Amazon Barnes & Noble

When plans for a romantic holiday getaway fall through the cracks, Jaime and Wyla Richardson are forced to take a long hard look at their relationship. After ten years of marriage they discover their love life is non-existent. 

Jaime accepted the fact long ago that his beloved Wyla lost interest in him sexually, but thank God their relationship was never based completely on sex. He’s all but given up on that aspect of their marriage. Disappointed because of their failed plans, he buries himself into his work, completely alienating his wife. 

Wyla concocts a plan to add the Spice back into their marriage once and for all, even if they are homebound for the holidays. With a few barely-there pieces of lingerie, she’s determined to make things work. When her plan backfires, Jaime comes to the rescue, helping her regain the confidence she’d lost a long time ago. 

Available at All Romance eBooks   Barnes & Noble  and Amazon

Coming Soon

Jolene Whitney relocates from Virginia to Bethesda, MD in an effort to leave painful memories behind and start anew. Swearing men off for good, she’s caught off guard when her landlord piques her interest while tearing down the walls she carefully constructed. Jolene never expected the distinguished gentleman with the bright blue eyes to capture her heart while healing her soul. 

Michael Karrington is smitten with the Café Au Lait beauty when he shows her the beautiful condo on the third floor. Before she strolled into his life, he never believed in love at first sight. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman and more. Strong, independent, and brutally honest, Jolene is just what the doctor ordered. But, is she willing to stick around long enough once discovering Michael’s secret?

Available Now

You never know who or what is watching. Successful in business and unlucky in love, Abigail plays the cards life has dealt her. Although lonely, she's focused her talents on other aspects of her life. Bold, yet sassy, there's one thing she fears most. Spiders. 
When the mysterious, hunky man appears in her bedroom out of the blue, Abigail thinks she's lost her mind, especially once she discovers there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Spider king Gwar has been observing introvert, Abigail Mason for months within the very confines of her home. When he finally approaches the lovely woman with the smoldering bedroom eyes to woo her, he realizes he's bitten off more than he can chew but as always he's up for the challenge.

Warning:  This short, sexy, fantasy read will raise your blood pressure and leave you with a smile on your face.

Black Dawn

Dar learns the king plans to close the portal to the human realm. To make matters worse, her sister is in the now defunct world. Risking everything, she slips into the human world and meets up with a vampire. However, his assistance comes with a price…

Dane is a loner and has his own ass to worry about. He should have never fallen for the sheltered fairy with the bedroom eyes, but she’s stolen his heart. He reluctantly agrees to help the little vixen, but at what cost?

The vampire and the fairy are from two different worlds, but they soon realize just how much they mean to each other.

Available at Evernight Publishing Amazon All Romance Ebooks B & N

Diamond Mine 

Lithia, a human slave born into servitude has been mistreated not only by her alien overseers, but by fellow humans too. At a young age, she befriended and fell in love with a young Taresnian named Calen. Calen has loved Lithia since they became friends. After an altercation, she's nearly beaten to death. Seeing his opportunity to keep her by his side, he steps in and nurses her back to health. Unfortunately, the woman he loves makes a decision that changes their relationship. Broken hearted, he joins his father's army to become a warrior. Years later, he seeks Lithia out, hoping to pick up where they left off. Soon he discovers the woman he loves no longer wants anything to do with him. Will Calen give into the cruel nature he adapted when he became a conqueror, or will he show Lithia the kind hearted soul beneath the hardened exterior of the warrior?

Available at Barnes & Noble Amazon All Romance Ebooks Kobo


Joe Willis sacrifices his life to help rescue trapped humans and teleporting them to Sirtus, a planet resembling Earth.  The plan was to rescue as many as possible and return to Earth for his wife.

Dana Willis has a bad feeling about her husband’s mission as she reluctantly sees him off. The human population has been decimated thanks to the rebellion of fourth generation cybernetic organisms. Despite her doubts, she stays behind to aid in coding a program that will hopefully overthrow The Legion once and for all.

Before his demise, Dana and Joe agreed to the mind transference that will re-animate him, but how well will she adapt to her “cyborg” husband when they are reunited a month after his death? In their quest to teleport to Sirtus, she also discovers another shocking secret her husband harbored when he was a flesh and blood man.


Tears welled in her eyes before Dana Willis’ husband, Joe, headed for the hovercraft. They kissed for several moments. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see their close friends, Serena and Michael locked in a strong embrace.
Joe smiled at her as his fingers gently brushed away the tears she wept. “Don’t you cry for me,” he insisted as he flashed her a solemn grin. “I’ll be seeing you again soon.”
But, could he keep his promise? A flash of anger lit her insides at how brave of a man her husband was. She loathed the cybernetic government and despised the wars erupting in almost every corner of the world.
Cybernetic organisms had become a raging plague to some areas of Earth. The rebels were sent in to disassemble the cyborgs and rescue the small bands of starving humans trapped along the Northern walls.
“Remind me why you’re doing this again?” she asked. Yes, she knew why he was doing it, but she was trying to be strong. She knew in her heart, this was the right thing for him to do. She also knew deep down, this would probably be the last time she saw him…alive.
“We must wipe these inhuman bastards from the face of the Earth. I refuse to rest until I take a substantial amount down.”
“Even if it means your life?”
Joe nodded. “Whatever it takes.” His gaze was hard. “I love you, Dana. I will always love you. Please, know that.”
She needed to confess her feelings. “Why does this feel like goodbye?” Her gut twisted in sheer agony and she looked away. She needed to stay behind to aid in coding the programs needed to sustain the fifth generation cyborgs and help to develop the virus that would annihilate The Legion once and for all. 
He placed a finger beneath her chin, forcing her gaze to return to his. 

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Available Now....Dark Veil

Sandie Buck's Review This is an enjoyable little romp with some heavy sex and S and M scenes. It's a juicy piece of work as are most of Charisma Knight's titles.

Night Owl Review

Apologizing to Josef was the easy part. Becoming a human sex slave to a sex-crazed vampire? That was a challenge, one that Samira Dupree was sure she was up to. Would she be able  to walk away from the demon with her mortal soul intact?

Read Explicit Excerpt 



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